Rachel Xi Zhang

Goldberg Variations -- J.S.Bach

This is my recent adaptation project, for 2 marimbas and vibraphone.

Performed together with Fumito Nunoya and Laurent Warnier.

Live performance in Shanghai Oriental Arts Center

December 2019

Rachel spent most of her youth studying piano in Shenzhen, China. She acquired a taste for unconventional pitch and timbre by beating on random objects through her rebellious youth, and finds her soul in peace when touching a marimba. The vibration of her sound can be described as rooted to classical music from an earlier era, yet engraved with the characteristics derived from countless collaborations with composers of her generation.


Rachel is an Encore Mallets artist and endorses Marimba One marimbas.

As third of 

Machine à trois

As an educator at the

Conservatorium van Amsterdam


Works by Maurice Ravel arranged by JVP2 for marimba and vibraphone.

with sextet Looptail

Works by Yu Oda, Trevor Grahl, Giuliano Bracci and Noriko Koide.